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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Woman gets seizure after beating from teen girls in McDonalds

In a McDonald's restaurant in Baltimore, a 22 years old white (wtf?) woman went into a severe epliteptical looking seizure, after she was beaten and kicked for minutes by 2 black (ahum) teen girls. They were both 14 and 18 years old, and got arrested. The staff was also behaving inappropriate by doing hardly anything, and even laughing while filming the event.

They assume the "blind attack" happened after a discussion in the toilets. The two teen girls suddenly started to beat the woman.

You can watch the rest in the video.

First of all - pretty racist title. It doesn’t matter whether the person is black or white. Yet they had to place this title in a way to get racist remarks to spark up - which indeed happened in the newspaper comments section. The two girls could have gone bezerk because she was making extremely racist remarks for example. This is all very unclear, but a clear stigma is placed within the article already.

Fighting and beating someone up is in no way justifiable, but it merely shows the way we raise the children of this world. We set the example as adults, which the children will copy and carry on into their future behavior. And it is not only their direct environment that has influence, but also TV shows, magazines and various forms of media.

Within a world that is driven by profit, you create beings that are products of that profit and ego driven system. Thus what do we expect? We allow animal testing for vanity, we allow movies and cartoons projecting judgment, superficiallness, ego, anger and spite, we allow gender role definitions, we allow racist undertones, we allow education to fit the profit machine which is not about realization and self honesty. This and much more, creates children, teens and adults that will blindly follow how they are programmed in this world – as what has been shown and taught to them. No self-direction, no insight and no self-responsibility. Because only when your emotions and ego totally control you, you are able to go into such extreme anger that you will be able to physically or mentally attack another person. A big button has to be pushed within you to trigger such a reaction, which you become a total slave of. And it is totally self-created. Because you allow it to consume your thoughts and direct you. And it will as well direct people to become racists, because it will make them feel better about themselves because they can blame someone else. Always pointing at another, blaming another, without having to look at self.

The world does not have to be this way, and it would be better for all if it wasn’t. But to change it, we will have to change ourselves as well, and work on a new world system that will create a better world for all. Because in that way, all of us can have the best life we can possibly have. So visit Equal money and Desteni I process, find out how you can join in the movement that is growing day by day, as the future of our world.

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