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Monday, April 18, 2011

WAGS and teen girls

For those who do not know what a WAG is :
It is a term used for the wives and girlfriends of soccer players. The term was used during the WK 2006 in Germany, where woman of the English soccer players appeared in the streets of Baden, fully dressed and their hair perfectly done. Since then , more and more countries have copied the term.
Victoria Beckham for example is a WAG.

There was an article today in the newspaper, that explains how the WAGS are bad for teen girls school results.

More and more girls are failing at school. Teachers complain about the behavior of the teens that dream about living like rich footballwoman or stars - and they blame the WAG-culture and talent hunting shows on tv for that. Half of the teachers claims that the bad behavior of the girls at school, has increased dramaticly the last 2 years, and that they can cause more trouble and misery than the teenage boys.

Girls in Great Brittain dream about becomming a WAG, smiling and being pretty at the side of a rich soccer player. Rather that, and be beaten and cheated on, than to build a life for themselves. Also the lives of popular singers that make it through talenthunt shows on tv like "Britains Got Talent" or "X Factor" are more liked and loved then doing well at school, studying at university or building a carreer.  There is more, the majority of the teenage girls behaves like an already famous and celebrated woman and tried to lure the attention of boys.

Hank Roberts points at the WAGS and the cause of this. Soccerwives and woman of sporters that rather marry rich then earn their own money, are a bad example for young girls. And also talent hunts on tv make the lives of teachers harder and harder. "the easy way to wealth, fame and luxury life is a very seductive story for weak students" sais Roberts. "Also talenthunts on tv create the false image that succes can be reached by everyone without effort or hard work."

"girls more aggressive than boys"
The girls become more aggressive. "Girls often say very hurtfull things and disrupt classes as much as the boys do. They also dont care about instructions", says a teacher from elementary in Bedfordshire. A collegue from Weston-super-Mare goes even further by saying: "girls become more aggressive than boys and their gangs at school are more dangerous than those of the boys."

Wrong role models
Psychologist Linda Papdopoulos says that teenage girls worship the wrong woman. "If I ask the girls about famous man, they give me names of politics, artists and successfull businessmen. When I ask the same question about woman, they give the names of all woman that got their fame because of their so called "singing talent" and looks. It is shocking to hear that they want to be desired becaus eof their looks and not because of other qualities such as intelligence".

Girls are becomming like prostitutes younger and younger. When you are dressing to impress, to lure in boys by acting "famous" or "sexy" or whatever, you are prostituting yourself. It is the same thing. Girls are being taught through the media that it is a good thing, a cool thing, that they should base their entire life based on their husbands success. That all they are, is a pretty face, a sexy body, an image, without a content.

This is really shocking, but it is what we allow in this world. So be careful, adults and moms out there - to not portray these examples to your girls or children.

The fact is, that in our current world , people with a gigantic ego and drive for power and status to show off - are the ones likely to succeed. Thus a very bad and destructive motivation, because in that way, people who do not do what is best for all and place money and profit on nr1 , are the ones that are going to make the decisions, decide the rules, make the game etc... And as you can witness, this has dramatic effects on our entire planet.
For more, check this video series, this is part 1:

Because of this selfish , profit driven, superficial world - we are creating the children that do not care, and follow self-abusive behavior. The fruit of the tree, is rotten.

It could be different - in a world where people would all have access to the basic requirements to live, enough food, water, shelter .. As well as education and health care for example. This would open up human kinds potential, of all those that are currently not even able to meet their basic living requirements.
Also within this current system driven by profit - research gets "stuck" in certain points. For example: research is often based on previous research, but the scientists who developped it often place patents on it. And sometimes those patent holders are not willing to let the other scientist who used their research, use it. So then the research is stopped - all because of the patent holder not willing to share his findings/research/invention.

A world where only the priviledged and ego driven can excell, is a world that will not bare good fruit - a world that ends in destruction (as what has always happened all over the globe).
Cooperation reaches much greater and better results then competition and deception. It is time to turn around, and take another route into the future.

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