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Monday, August 8, 2011

This hype around pipa middleton - WTF!?!

Since the marriage of her sister Kate Middleton, pipa has been all over the news - and it all started with ... her ass.

Sooo... the woman has an ass put her on the front page of every magazine and paper!!

This article is not to complain about Pipa the person, the human being. Im sure Pipa herself didn't ask for it, she came to her sisters wedding and the next day she was all over the media. Although I don't know if this was set up or not. It irrelevant to the message I want to get across with this blogpost.

Because of the possitive attention her body gets, woman get jealous and even a facebook fan page has been created in her ass's honor.

The UK has also seen a rise in tanning due to the younger Middleton, and now they are reporting a spike in plastic surgery procedures as well. The tabloid also reported that one such clinic has even gone as far as to name the surgery "The Pip Package Perfect Posterior".

Since the first day I was like "wtf". And now after months I am still "wtf" with an added o_O.

All I see is a regular woman, with a normal body. But the media has kind of bombarded it as something more than it is and now people jump on it like puppets. It's pipa now and someone else in the next few months, thats how it goes. And you know why? Because it makes money. People go and look to be that way, get plastic surgery, get a gym membership, go tanning, buy her clothing or clothing that will make them look like her or equaly as "good", buy extra make up, maybe hair color, special diets and god knows what.... And this always happens time and time again. The system simply feeds off our insecurity and the sad thing is that we are the creators and maintainers. Who is in charge of beauty salons, of magazines and media, of beauty products and fashion items? People, people like you and I. Who is in charge of companies, of those promoting and teaching skills to get more buyers and pursuade people to consume and buy? People.
This is a world of people, programmed people. And we always seek to blame something or someone else, while we should really start by taking a good look within. We haven't been taught to think, we have been thought to copy and follow the thoughts that pop up into our minds or get taught to us.

At desteni we stand for the rebirth of humanity, the rebirth of yourself without the fear and shame and insecurity. To bring about the equal money system and live as the equals that we are. No one is better than another. When will we stop being these actors walking around with our gigantic ego's trying to pursuade others or buy their attention. Like those who walk around portraying the attitude of "look how important I am". Actors in their suits with their mansions and big boats and cars. When it comes down to it, we are all just living beings. Strip us naked and put us next to each other, and gone is all this seperation.

So don't wait for the rest to follow, start with yourself.

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