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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Hollywood Syndrome

A horrible condition where more and more people suffer from these days.
People who feel as if they are superhero’s, or feeling famous/ having the desire to be seen as famous, people who claim that the CIA is following them,  or that something evil has it’s eyes lurking at them…
Movies are specifically designed to get to the emotions and feelings connected to our desires and fears. Many people will feel “special” when they walk out of a movie theater where they saw a movie like X-men or Avatar. It creates this temporary grand feeling which gets people to feel good or special within themselves.
But it is nothing special or unique at all.

People have this desire to be famous, this desire to be seen or to be in the center of attention. The many reality TV shows give people their 15 minutes of fame. And look at the Veterans who talk about their time at war as if they are great heroes and should be recognized for that, or the old accountant who talks about his long gone football career as if it has changed the world.
And look at those who have seen so many romantic movies, making them dream of a life of ignorance, with a “perfect” male component and living happily ever after. Even copying what they have seen on TV and in the movies because it looks so nice. And of course to do that, you also need to look a certain way. Looking saggy and wrinkly is not allowed anymore. You have to get Botox and fillers and dye your hair. Because age is bad, it is a sin!
Let’s get over ourselves already.
We are not some kind of superhero mutant with special powers

We are not better than another or the Hulk because we have some muscles (while continuously thinking about how good those muscles look on us – isn’t that a female trait guys ;)? It is not so tough when you are pre occupied about LOOKING muscular).

A limousine does not show how great you are – it simply shows the size of your ego and your desire to be seen by others as successful (which is based on insecurity)

Fairytales do not have a happy ending
@Dina Goldstein

The many cartoons and films about violence create a tendency in youngsters to act upon it, and desire to be a superhero. It is portrayed as something awesome and great and masculine. While girls are indoctrinated with movies such as Cinderella and cartoons and adds about Barbie – being sweet, pretty and desiring a boyfriend.
Gender roles are created by our culture
Culture definitely aids in the determination of gender roles. Socialization in all cultures is directly linked to the final product of a human being. Culture dictates, at a very young age, how boys and girls are supposed to act, feel and respond to certain situations.

Boys and girls are separated by gender at birth. Boys are wrapped in blue blankets and girls in pink. Before a child is born, everyone close to the family wants to know what the child will be, so they will know what to purchase. This is very common practice throughout our society. Boys are taught to play with trucks, trains, male action figures, swords and guns. These items aid in defining masculinity. Girls, on the other hand, are taught to play with dolls, toy stoves or easy bake ovens, and other toys to aide them in identifying with nurturing. These factors lead to identifying gender roles by our society. Anything that deviates from this is considered somewhat abnormal. For instance, if a small male child wants to play with dolls, most fathers will immediately intervene and provide them with a more masculine toy. At the very least, he will show disapproval. Girls, on the other hand, may be labeled as a tom boy if they show interest in his truck.

These actions move through adolescence and well into adulthood. Our society is changing true enough. However, these actions are very much in line with the traditional American family.
Certain items labeled as household chores are also fitted into this formula. Boys mow grass, take out the trash and do most of what is determined to be “men’s work.” Girls are expected to wash dishes, mop floors, wash laundry and other feminine chores. Our society has seen numerous changes in these roles, yet our culture has dictated these changes and made them acceptable.
The Hollywood syndrome creates illusions of grandeur. A world of competition and inequality. Pushed into a role - primarily because it sells . Check out how gender is defined within our culture and all the various products that play in on that - so that males and females will buy it to fit into their gender definition.

For girls=
Barbie, make up, health shakes for a slim body, pink stuff, girlie and sexy clothing, high heels, beauty treatments, corsets, movies about princesses and girly girls who go after boyfriends etc..;

For man=

Action man, muscle building supplements, movies about fighting and hero's and about the man being the savior and dominator, "masculin" clothing, special deodorants, car toys, non-pink stuff etc...

The list goes on and on, these are just the first examples that I think of.

Toys are more gender-specific than ever before, according to the preliminary findings from a new study carried out by Becky Francis, Professor of Education at Roehampton University.
The study, funded by the Froebel Educational Institute, shows that toys identified by children and their parents as favourites are extremely gender-differentiated, and stereotypical.
As part of the study, over 60 parents of children aged between three and five were asked to nominate their child’s favourite toy. Many of the toys and DVDs selected contained clear messages to users that supported gender stereotypes and notions of gender difference

Dr. Vicki Panaccione, child clinical psychologist and founder of the Better Parenting Institute, agrees with Gussman’s assessment. “I have seen time and time again that young children will, primarily, gravitate toward gender-specific toys,” she says. “Put children in a room, and the boys head for the trucks, blocks and army guys, while girls go to the dolls, kitchens and girly things. I think they are probably hot-wired.”
However, she adds that it is a good idea to expose kids to a variety of toys and be allowed to choose, explore and try out different things. “Children need to be allowed to seek what they seek,” Dr. Panaccione says.

This is not going to create a better world - a world where we value each other as Equals part of life. A world of respect and dignity, the end of apathy and destruction of our planet for profit. We are made into products, and producers, for a profit driven machine.

Visit, investigate and join Equal Money and the Desteni  I Process where we present the future of a world where all can live a good and decent life.

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