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Monday, April 25, 2011

The illusion of Beauty

Did you ever question why you found some people beautiful and others ugly, and why you desire to be as , or even more beautiful - or be envious because you judge yourself to be not?
Who do you think is beautiful? Angelina Jolie? Victoria Beckham? Justin Bieber? Natalie Portman?

When you ask a group of men what and who they find beautiful, their answers will differ according to the time,place or culture they are born in.  In the past it was a sign of beauty to have a white fair skin, while now people run to the solar center to bronze themselves up. The standards in the western culture now a days are to be tall and slender  – sometimes on the verge of anorexia – while ages ago, females who had more fat and bigger breasts and bottoms were considered as beautiful. 
The concept of beauty is related to the prevailing culture which is presented and carried out by print or visual media. The effect of bombarding children and adults with the images of beauty (often fake photoshopped images), is a culture of plastics:  women and men who get plastic surgery and all kinds of procedures done to look “beautiful”, as what is the standard of beauty within their culture or the group they wish to be part of. A plastic, superficial world.

Beauty and survival

Many women want to  enhance their breasts and undergo cosmetic surgery because there is a total obsession with it. People want to attract mates, and image how the other is seeing them. Walking around, thinking about what another is thinking about them, how they are seen, what the other will judge as attractive or not about them. People do this to find a mate, someone to start a relationship with - most of the time looking for someone to have sex with.

Cultural Ethnocentrism
Ethnocentrism is the tendency to believe that your own ethnic or cultural group is the most important, and that all other groups are measured in relation to one’s own. Someone who is ethnocentric will judge other people or groups by his or her own ethnic group or culture. These judgments can be about language, customs, beauty, behavior and religion.

Relativism of culture
There is no scientific standard for considering your own group as intrinsically superior or inferior to others. We should not lift our own culture or group up, just because we are part of it. It is important to look at it with common sense and see what your group or culture supports, why they support it, and if it is really something you want to contribute to. If your culture is one who abuses animals for vanity (which happens in our western culture), does that mean you have to blindly accept this? Of course not – it is an unnecessary practice, which includes massive suffering for the animals that have to undergo those tests.
But culture does have a major influence on who and individual will become. We are not just who we are because of random chance, or because we think that we “made ourselves”. We are largly products of our own culture and those around us which were part of our upbringing (this includes TV and media).
This is one of the reasons why we at Equal Money are working on a change of the world system. Our current world system is based on profit and ego. This will produce human beings that are programmed to support this world system. Within an Equal money system, this ends, profit and ego are no longer part of the system – and true insight, self-honesty and  life education are part of someone life from the very beginning. In that way a person will not be dumbed down like what is currently happening, but will be able to see for oneself who he/she is and take self-responsibility.

Beauty in different times
To have a look at the relativity of beauty

Victorian times

the 1940’s


the 70’s

The future?

There is also a difference within subcultures

Beauty in different cultures
In our culture at this time, being slender, 90-60-90 measurements if possible, perfect teeth, hair and fashion  is considered to be pretty.   the means of achieving beauty are sometimes very extreme. From plastic surgery, implants, hair extensions, botox, fillers, hair colour to fitness, diet and cosmetics.  
Also extremely high heels are considered to be beautiful for a woman.

In Fiji, traditionally the body was seen to reflect the community in which the individual lived, rather than the identity of just the individual themselves. Fijian women ate as much as they want and went to lie down afterwards. A lack of appetite and thinness was seen as unhealthy and undesirable.

In Asia the standards for beauty differ from country to country..
Now a days Asia wants to join in with the west, and have adopted many of the western styles including beauty. More and more woman and going for eyelid surgery, to have more “open” eyes like western people.
Foot binding  was a custom practiced on young girls and women for approximately one thousand years in China, beginning in the 10th century and ending in the first half of 20th century. ( )

The female members of the Kayan tribe (on the border between Burma and Thailand) are also known as “long necks”. They measure a woman’s beauty according to the amount of rings worn around the neck.
The number of rings are increased as they grow older, which makes the neck longer and longer. This ritual starts at age 5. The shoulders are pushed down due to the pressure of the rings.
Lip plates can be found used by tribes in Africa, South America and the Amazon. For some, the plate size is a measure of social or economic influence or status. But for others, the size is just a matter of how long the lip has been stretched. There are varied reasons for putting the plates, but suffice to say, these tribes see these ‘ornaments’ as beauty and status (

In India they were lots of jewellery, coloured saris and long hair.
In Africa the idea of beauty varies from one side of the continent to the other. In Ethiopia, the women of the Karo tribe wear scars on their stomachs meant to attract a husband. The scarring process starts in childhood and once finished it means that the woman can get married and have children.
In Mauritania a beautiful woman is a woman with curves…big curves. Young girls are even being force fed to fatten up. A big lady is more likely to be desirable and get a man. Divorced woman are also considered attractive, because it shows that they are liked by males.  
In the Middle East beauty is sometimes not connected with what ones sees, but with one does not see, or with what one smells or catches a glimpse of. From the head to toe black covers women wear (abaya) that sometimes revealing only the eyes, that are made up with dark eyeliner sometimes, henna tattoos, oud and coloured fabrics, scarves and jewellery.
For Polynesian women , tattooing the lips and chins is considered to be beautiful.

Beauty styles and standards are in our cultures used to make profit from. As long as people desire to look a certain way, they will look for those things to fulfill that desire – and when they have the money they will probably buy it. Our system exploits this, and creates judgments that people take into themselves and project onto themselves and others.
Those judgments only do harm. Is it really best for yourself to judge yourself like that? Instead of being fine with no matter what you look like? Accept your physical body as it is without needing to become a certain image that the world recognizes, or to attract males to find you attractive, have fantasies about you and desire to have sex with you? Or the other way around – males that do this so that females will find them attractive. Is this really the superficial world we have all been dreaming of? Is this what is the perfect world to you?

We also have to realize that many of those objects and items bought to enhance our so called “beauty”, are made by sweatshop workers, who work sometimes 18 hours a day for barely any money – or the make up and all kinds of beauty products that are tested on animals.
Why do we allow ourselves to look at others, and start to judge them according to how they look?  We place all value on the appearance, and become like empty bags moved by the money wind mills of the system that blows us to wherever it wants to. And we are so dumbed down to not even notice it – or to accept it as normal because it feels so normal. It is all we have ever known.
Like when I went to my grandparents after I shaved my hair off – my grandmother could not get passed my image, and even admitted that who I am is what I look like, and my inside is non important.

Is this the kind of world we want? The kind of world we want to create for the children to come? A world system that exploits in the sake of profit and ego? If you do – then that is because you have only become a product of the system and have lost yourself completely, not even knowing how much in a prison you really are.

We can change this, by changing ourselves as well as changing the monetary system. All people should have the ability to live a dignified life , to express themselves and to actually discover life. People can still discover various styles and expressions – but none of it will be for the sake of exploitation and profit making through ego and abuse. And THAT is the major difference.
Visit the desteni I process website and the equal money movement – we are paving the way for the children to come. The new world is on the way, and it is waiting for you.
Don’t miss it’s call, because you will miss yourself.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Woman gets seizure after beating from teen girls in McDonalds

In a McDonald's restaurant in Baltimore, a 22 years old white (wtf?) woman went into a severe epliteptical looking seizure, after she was beaten and kicked for minutes by 2 black (ahum) teen girls. They were both 14 and 18 years old, and got arrested. The staff was also behaving inappropriate by doing hardly anything, and even laughing while filming the event.

They assume the "blind attack" happened after a discussion in the toilets. The two teen girls suddenly started to beat the woman.

You can watch the rest in the video.

First of all - pretty racist title. It doesn’t matter whether the person is black or white. Yet they had to place this title in a way to get racist remarks to spark up - which indeed happened in the newspaper comments section. The two girls could have gone bezerk because she was making extremely racist remarks for example. This is all very unclear, but a clear stigma is placed within the article already.

Fighting and beating someone up is in no way justifiable, but it merely shows the way we raise the children of this world. We set the example as adults, which the children will copy and carry on into their future behavior. And it is not only their direct environment that has influence, but also TV shows, magazines and various forms of media.

Within a world that is driven by profit, you create beings that are products of that profit and ego driven system. Thus what do we expect? We allow animal testing for vanity, we allow movies and cartoons projecting judgment, superficiallness, ego, anger and spite, we allow gender role definitions, we allow racist undertones, we allow education to fit the profit machine which is not about realization and self honesty. This and much more, creates children, teens and adults that will blindly follow how they are programmed in this world – as what has been shown and taught to them. No self-direction, no insight and no self-responsibility. Because only when your emotions and ego totally control you, you are able to go into such extreme anger that you will be able to physically or mentally attack another person. A big button has to be pushed within you to trigger such a reaction, which you become a total slave of. And it is totally self-created. Because you allow it to consume your thoughts and direct you. And it will as well direct people to become racists, because it will make them feel better about themselves because they can blame someone else. Always pointing at another, blaming another, without having to look at self.

The world does not have to be this way, and it would be better for all if it wasn’t. But to change it, we will have to change ourselves as well, and work on a new world system that will create a better world for all. Because in that way, all of us can have the best life we can possibly have. So visit Equal money and Desteni I process, find out how you can join in the movement that is growing day by day, as the future of our world.

Monday, April 18, 2011

WAGS and teen girls

For those who do not know what a WAG is :
It is a term used for the wives and girlfriends of soccer players. The term was used during the WK 2006 in Germany, where woman of the English soccer players appeared in the streets of Baden, fully dressed and their hair perfectly done. Since then , more and more countries have copied the term.
Victoria Beckham for example is a WAG.

There was an article today in the newspaper, that explains how the WAGS are bad for teen girls school results.

More and more girls are failing at school. Teachers complain about the behavior of the teens that dream about living like rich footballwoman or stars - and they blame the WAG-culture and talent hunting shows on tv for that. Half of the teachers claims that the bad behavior of the girls at school, has increased dramaticly the last 2 years, and that they can cause more trouble and misery than the teenage boys.

Girls in Great Brittain dream about becomming a WAG, smiling and being pretty at the side of a rich soccer player. Rather that, and be beaten and cheated on, than to build a life for themselves. Also the lives of popular singers that make it through talenthunt shows on tv like "Britains Got Talent" or "X Factor" are more liked and loved then doing well at school, studying at university or building a carreer.  There is more, the majority of the teenage girls behaves like an already famous and celebrated woman and tried to lure the attention of boys.

Hank Roberts points at the WAGS and the cause of this. Soccerwives and woman of sporters that rather marry rich then earn their own money, are a bad example for young girls. And also talent hunts on tv make the lives of teachers harder and harder. "the easy way to wealth, fame and luxury life is a very seductive story for weak students" sais Roberts. "Also talenthunts on tv create the false image that succes can be reached by everyone without effort or hard work."

"girls more aggressive than boys"
The girls become more aggressive. "Girls often say very hurtfull things and disrupt classes as much as the boys do. They also dont care about instructions", says a teacher from elementary in Bedfordshire. A collegue from Weston-super-Mare goes even further by saying: "girls become more aggressive than boys and their gangs at school are more dangerous than those of the boys."

Wrong role models
Psychologist Linda Papdopoulos says that teenage girls worship the wrong woman. "If I ask the girls about famous man, they give me names of politics, artists and successfull businessmen. When I ask the same question about woman, they give the names of all woman that got their fame because of their so called "singing talent" and looks. It is shocking to hear that they want to be desired becaus eof their looks and not because of other qualities such as intelligence".

Girls are becomming like prostitutes younger and younger. When you are dressing to impress, to lure in boys by acting "famous" or "sexy" or whatever, you are prostituting yourself. It is the same thing. Girls are being taught through the media that it is a good thing, a cool thing, that they should base their entire life based on their husbands success. That all they are, is a pretty face, a sexy body, an image, without a content.

This is really shocking, but it is what we allow in this world. So be careful, adults and moms out there - to not portray these examples to your girls or children.

The fact is, that in our current world , people with a gigantic ego and drive for power and status to show off - are the ones likely to succeed. Thus a very bad and destructive motivation, because in that way, people who do not do what is best for all and place money and profit on nr1 , are the ones that are going to make the decisions, decide the rules, make the game etc... And as you can witness, this has dramatic effects on our entire planet.
For more, check this video series, this is part 1:

Because of this selfish , profit driven, superficial world - we are creating the children that do not care, and follow self-abusive behavior. The fruit of the tree, is rotten.

It could be different - in a world where people would all have access to the basic requirements to live, enough food, water, shelter .. As well as education and health care for example. This would open up human kinds potential, of all those that are currently not even able to meet their basic living requirements.
Also within this current system driven by profit - research gets "stuck" in certain points. For example: research is often based on previous research, but the scientists who developped it often place patents on it. And sometimes those patent holders are not willing to let the other scientist who used their research, use it. So then the research is stopped - all because of the patent holder not willing to share his findings/research/invention.

A world where only the priviledged and ego driven can excell, is a world that will not bare good fruit - a world that ends in destruction (as what has always happened all over the globe).
Cooperation reaches much greater and better results then competition and deception. It is time to turn around, and take another route into the future.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A car and a man's ego

What does your car say about you? ever asked yourself that question?It is worth to look within yourself and find out who you really are - and why.

A man's car often reflects  who the man is. It affects his ego in many ways. I know not all man are like this, so if you are not one of them, then dont feel spoken to ;)
Often a man's ego can be totally based on what type of car he is driving. It is an extension of ones personality which also reflects ones ego or self-image.

Someone who wants to appear succesfull, "up there", made it ... will drive a car that shows this off. As a status symbol to prove to others "look what I have accomplished".

Someone who wants to appear "in control", dominant, strong and masculin, will often go for a big car. A car that shows "look how great I am", "look how powerful".

You could as well be doing this, not much difference

But most men dont have such muscles to flex, so what is left? Cars, property, clothing...

And let's face it, it is not just cars, it are all the things we buy. Let's take clothing for example. You can look at what one is wearing and make a pretty accurate description of their mindset.

Woman dressed as:

Will be pre-occupied with how others perceive their looks, if others find them attractive, seductive, thinking about how pretty they are and that others are probably thinking the same thing, going into competition with other woman, thinking "oh that man probably notices my long beautiful legs" etc...

In contrast look at children who are not yet pre occupied with the whole beauty and sex imagery - sadly enough, it is infiltrating the minds of  humans earlier and earlier:

It is easy to see why people do what they do, and what they are thinking and desiring - as we are all alike, working the same way internally , we can place ourselves in the shoes of another and see why certain things are done and what thoughts are behind it.

The styles keep changing, if something else would be projected as strong, elite, masculin, beautiful etc... people would be doing that. Just look at the different cultures and time periods. It is all about the image we want others to have about us.

A cool way, to experiment with this, so that you are not defined by what you own and wear, is to test yourself in various scenario's. So that no matter what you own, wear or drive - it does not define who  you are. So that it is purely something you are doing for  you, and not because of some kind of ego boost desire that pre-occupies your mind and your life  - and makes you spend shitloads of money. Because that is what it is all about MONEY. Commercials play in on those thoughts within you, on your ego.
The experiment is thus, to wear what you would normally not wear. One day wear a skirt, or a dress, or a baggy pants, or sloppy clothing, sweatpants, hippie shirt etc... Take the bike instead of the car, or the rollerblades. Stop wearing make up for a while, shave your head, grow all your body hair etc... Various ways of experimenting and having fun with "who you are" to develop your self-strenght to not be defined by what you own or wear or look like in various scenario's.
You will also come face to face with those who only care about you when you are how they like you to be, when you are someone that fulfills their own ego desires. For example rich woman who project "elite style" and luxury, will pick out friends who fit within that image they want to portray. as soon as you loose that, be ready to loose them. It just shows what a superficial world we have and how we only really care about ourselves.
yet it doesnt have to be that way.

A person who requires many status symbols, often shows his or her insecurity.
"A status symbol is a perceived visible, external denotation of one's social position and perceived indicator of economic or social status.] Many luxury goods are often considered status symbols. Status symbol is also a sociological term – as part of social and sociological symbolic interactionism – relating to how individuals and groups interact and interpret various cultural symbols"
People who depend themselves on those status symbols, will have the most fear of losing them. It shows how much validation one requires from others, depending on the status symbols they own and whatthey project to society.

People talk so much about wanting to find others that truly care for them - but when you are stuck in that ego and self-limitation, you are going to attract people who are like that as well. Because birds of a feather flock together.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Gaga - more than innocent baby words

At the Met, Oprah Winfrey called Lady Gaga some kind of spiritual and cultural leader.

I agree that she is in some kind of leadership position. Millions play her music, watch her on tv and see her in the magazines. Many younger people take their "stars" as an example - many will take Lady Gaga as their example and look up to her.

But a "spiritual leader" ? In no way can I see that.
To explain I will start with a few lyrics of hers.

Lyrics from: Animal
You're a hunter feel your way
I'll do whatever you say
Hold me down and take control (mess up my hair all crazy sexual)
Do it like an animal (hot in the jungle exotic apparel)

She is singing about having sex with a man , about domination and submissions (reminding of SM). Is this the kind of example to give to people growing up? In a world already so obsessed with sex and superficialness?
Watch people dance at a party, see what songs and lyrics like these do to people's behavior, how it literally infiltrates their mind and takes them over.

Lyrics from: Born this way
My mama told me when I was young
We are all born superstars
She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on
In the glass of her boudoir

A mother who teaches her child to put on lipstick and do her hair nicely, to present a certain image to people. Why on Earth would you do that to your child? If there was one thing I would teach my child - it would be to not depend your feelings or inner worth on the picture you are, or on what other people's opinion of you is. If you limit yourself to that, your life will be a life of up's and downs, a life of compromise and giving your power away.
What do lyrics such as "we are all born superstars" really mean in a world where a child dies every 5 seconds of malnutrition? They may be "born superstars", but their life is hell. What worth has being a superstar then?

"There's nothin' wrong with lovin' who you are"
She said, "'Cause He made you perfect, babe"
"So hold your head up, girl and you you'll go far,
Listen to me when I say"

"loving who you are", but what if that "who you are" is simply a product of the culture. Why should you "love that" and accept yourself as how you are programmed, instead of being self-created.
And again, it is hard to love yourself when you are starving to death, having to work 15 hours a day slave labour, or being stuck in a small cage to be later processed as meat.
This lyrics also have a very religious undertone. Claiming that God makes everyone perfect. If that was the case than God is not doing a very good job. If this was the best he could do. And allowing millions to suffer, and the minority to live in wealth , with no ends to this abuse. For thousands of years - as all knowing being knowing how easy it is to program a humans mind. He should have known it would not stop.
And it wont unless we stop it, and stop our waiting and praying, and actually direct ourselves to create heaven on Earth, for all in Equality.

Children are often raised to become driven by money - to get rich, or be famous or succesfull - where this will dominate their whole personality, and make them become selfish, ego driven and not caring about anything else then their own pleasures and those that make them feel good.
And this is only for the priviledged ones, because a lot of children are raised within poverty situations, who have no change of getting rich or earning enough money to live a comfortable life.

We want to end this with Equal money and give everyone on this planet a comfortable life - so that you have time to express yourself, do the things you have always wanted to do without worrying about having food on your plate or if you can pay the bills by the end of the month.
The artists purely  in it for the money, will probably not do their "art" anymore - but those really passionate about music and art will keep doing it, and those who always wanted but couldnt, would then have the opportunity to do so. And people would like you and your music or art, coming from your own expression, because you enjoy to do it and share it with the world.

I'm beautiful in my way,
'Cause God makes no mistakes
I'm on the right track, baby
I was born this way

Claiming that God makes no mistakes. So horrible diseases to newborns is no mistake? Mind controlled humans who dont even know what they are doing is no mistake? A design where we have to kill to survive, feed of another lifeforce to survive, is no mistake? Being born blind and deaf is  no mistake?
Religious people would claim it all fits into "God's plan", but that is a really easily justification that you can use by virtually anything.
Religion was used for example in the 19th century, to make people acceptant to the power structure of society, to have the poor accept their poverty and the elite's wealth. The church was part of the elite and often baptised leaders, which was the sign of their approval of the leader's power - which the population obeyed to. People were kept dumb - and still are. Also they were made afraid by the punishment of hell, and various bible texts. Another one was to "give to the king what belongs to the king". But what belonged to the king - is decided by the king and the elite. Which would make God a member of the elite who does not really care about the majority.
And lyrics such as this have the same tone in it. Accepting things as how they are programmed to be, and how they are currently existing. Because of the justification that "it is all right on it's time within a plan". Whatever that plan may be - people have said this for ages.

We are all "born our way" into a certain family and culture, and this has been going on for many generations. Children have adopted the ways of the parents and those around them. We tend to accept "who we are" as how we are programmed - instead of looking self-honestly at who we are, why we are that way, and if this is best for all or is it self-intrest that we serve?
Our apathic culture of consumerism shows that it is self-intrest we have chosen.
It is time to choose otherwise - and reclaim our power.
My advice: be your own spiritual leader. Become your own power of direction - instead of using celebrities to look up to as Gods. Because that is what it virtually is, a replacement of religion.
So dont give your power away - you are stronger than this, you have a choice.

Desteni I Process is a LifeStyle concept that is simply "Achieving financial freedom slowly but surely". We provide coaching/mentoring and products to help people attain financial freedom and live a better life

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