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Monday, May 12, 2014

Woman Wants to be as Braindead as Barbie

Aint kidding. A 38 year old woman does not only want to look as plastic as barbie, she also wants to become as braindead…
She has been using hypnotherapy sessions 2 to 3 times a week in the hopes that it will decrease her IQ.
Who dafuq is the lunatic that is providing her this hypnotherapy? If I was a therapist or whatever, I would never agree to such a request. Large parts of the population already get dumbed dump, we shouldn’t support this in people. But that therapist is probably dumbed down him/herself, since he agreed to it and doesn’t look at the reasons why a woman becomes someone that wants to look and “think” like Barbie.
She said:
“I don’t like being human, if that makes sense… Natural is boring… I would love to be like, completely plastic.”
Yeah, being brainless and pre-occupied only with ones own vanity and fantasies will ofcourse be more fun than having to deal with real issues in this world. The system granting her the ability to even spend money on crazy shit like that, deprives others from even having a basic meal every day. I can think of quite some things to make her life less boring. To desire to look a different way, to even go under the knife for it, comes from a dissatisfaction that has an origin. She is playing dumb while people are actually working for her. I am talking about basic things: clothing, food, housing, entertainment… all things people who use their brain less or more make on a daily basis to keep her alive.
“I’ve had 20 sessions and I’m already starting to feel ditzy and confused all the time”

Bennett appears to maintain a NSFW Twitter account advertising live camera shows. Her handle, not surprisingly, is “Busty_Doll.”
The problem is also that people support these kind of ideas,  by paying for it and keep watching live camera shows. In this we are also responsible.
Oh and btw, barbie is smart as fuck. She had jobs like being a scientists, vet, teacher, doctor…

jezebel: After falling in love with the doll as a child, she bleached her hair and drove a corvette just like Barbie in her teens, when she took on promotional jobs playing Barbie in toy stores. (It is possible we have met because I dragged my parents to meet Barbie at a grand opening at least twice in my childhood.) Bennett has also undergone extensive cosmetic procedures, including a breast augmentation that enlarged her breasts to a 32JJ and chin contouring in order to make her face resemble Barbie’s more closely. Bennett is currently unemployed and her procedures are paid for by fans who donate in exchange for photos of her dressed as her idol.
My question is how a woman becomes like that. She gets born as a little baby girl, and somehow grows up to be programmed to desire to cut up her body and insert fake breasts and what else, and even undergoing hypnotherapy to make herself dumb and air-headed.
barbie-doll__oPtShe doesn’t need publicity and live camera shows, she needs help, mental help. She doesn’t need surgeons and hypnotherapists who will do anything as long as they get paid. There is probably something seriously off in her head. Normally girls who play with barbies don’t get those crazy obsessions.

And btw : Mission to look like barbie? epic fail
Here is her in a video:^link:&from=shareembed-syndication

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