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Monday, May 12, 2014

Tara Reid Looking Super Skinny in a Bikini

addOn the website they featured this “article” about Tara Reid in her bikini, going:
“38 year-old Tara Reid recently posted a few bikini pictures on Twitter, where the blonde star reveals an ultra thin frame.”
That’s it…. really.
Many of the articles are simply pictures to drive traffic to their website, and then there is room beneath for users to comment, saying how she “looks like a deflated doll” , “awful” etc.
So based on the person and pictures in question, the responses will vary amongs the commenters. If the person looks hot in them, they will praise. If the person looks too skinny or fat, they often result in insults. Tara her picture presentation is linked by many commenters to being unhealthy.
Some examples:
“She looks awful. But she has not looked too good since about 2004 with her plastic surgery and weight loss. Too bad, she was a pretty young woman at one point.”
“Looks unnatural and unhealthy. I hope she is okay….
And what have some woman with wanting to be ultra skinny and having big boobs ?! (other examples: Nicole Richie and Angelina Jolie – although I love both those woman and I’m jealous of their facial beauty)”
“it doenst look right.her head doesnt fit to the body.i think you can see if its not natural.and please dont come with”maybe shes natural skinny” .i hope shes gonna be healtyh some day”
I understand the observation, and maybe they are right. But…
What I want to point attention towards is the fact that magazines, blogs, papers … often place pictures of these celebrities online or printed, with praise about their figure or a very superficial article. Paying no attention to the person behind it, and for example if they may be having body issues and/or an eating disorder. So one may in fact be praised for starving themselves or binge purging. And someone who will look “beautiful” to the eye of many, may in fact be more unhealthy than someone who look less pretty.

It is also no free room to just spout whatever we think about a person, to start to gossip  in the comment section and call people all kinds of names. Sometimes we feel like we are practicing our free speech, but forget to realize how we are socialized in a certain environment and adopt many things from our environment. So  in order to really find out if our speech is so “free” as we claim it is, we should not just automatically say what pops up in our brains at all times, but think about it and realize the effects we have with our words and if it is something we want to support in this world. In which way is calling people a “beached whale” or “inflated doll” in any way supportive? And I have read nastier things than that. So it is good to place yourself in the shoes of another, and question your own behavior. To not just accept whatever from yourself, but also be critical towards your own doing.
The media has a responsibility as well. Now they can make money out off this, but I don’t think it should be forever allowed. If an outer-space civilization would find us, it wouldn’t be one of the examples I would give about “what we do on earth or who we are as humans” (just giving a crazy example here to make my point). It would be honest though, since it shows a big part of who many humans are. And in a system where you can make profit out of any demand, these things spawn up…

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