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Friday, September 9, 2011

10 most Embarrassing Beauty Problems solved! Orly?

I get junk in my mailbox sometimes. Well... actually more than just "sometimes". This time it had a heading saying "10 most Embarrassing Beauty Problems solved". I was curious. I thought to myself: what would they define as "embarrassing"?
So I clicked, and found out the 10 things we should all be very embarrassed about!
1.Cold sores
4.Cystic Acne
5.Hairy moles
6.Bad breath
7.Bacne (acne on your back)
8.Ingrown bikini line haires
9.Bruised toenails
10.Dark armpits

Start to become embarrassed people!
I score a 3 out of 10 on this. So I should be a little less than average embarrassed but still enough to be pretty uncomfortable with myself.

Seriously, this shit is bullshit. Girls (and guys), if you read shit like this, skip it or laugh about it. There is no need to be insecure about any of such things, no need at all! Unless you desire a world where people go around judging each other and themselves constantly. Oh oops.. we already have that world.
But it doesn't have to be that way. We can change it and the best prove is by starting with yourself.
By releasing your own shame and accepting your body for what it is and stop allowing fears about other people's judgements. If they are that shallow and ignorant to judge such things, it tells you a lot about who THEY are and not about who you are.

I got dandruff since years, my dad has it, his dad has it as well. I dont use shampoo, they try to use all kinds of shit. Does it help? Nope. Does it embarrass me? Not in a million years.

We have created this world, where everything revolves around money. This system feeds off people's insecurity because that way it can sell. People will try to releave the insecurity by buying the stuff that will "cure" them and make them stop being embarrassed or insecure. And why are they insecure? Because they are told to BE insecure! If you are not trained to feel insecure about these things, if you are not around judgemental people, and around people who care about you as a living being - you will in no way develop an insecurity. Only in a society of competition, judgement, hostility and gossip will these feelings spring up.

So this money system does not only create the most obvious abuse such as hostile competition, corruption, sweatshop work, crime, poverty, starvation ... it also creates internal abuse and the feeding thereof. It uses slogans and images to manipulate the minds of young people and children. Ofcourse also adults, but these things start early  in childhood.

It is about time for a change, and a change will go gradually, starting with the Equal money system. A system based on life, respect and equality. From there on, a new human being can develop. A human being no longer brainwashed by the money machines that keeps everything in chains.

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  1. Well written, some of the best Prose i have read about this subject using fluid, common sense logic and no jargon. When you write your first book let me know.