When plus size would become the new skinny, again a market would be made of of it. Now they have it going well you know, all the diet products that battle against the junk food products and the people inbetween, the various therapies and the docters who get money from all the sick anorexic and obese patients, the media who gets attention with it and lots of viewers and thus money, lipsuctions, personal trainers etc... If they bombard plus size as the new standard they would start making a big business from it again (as long as profit is the drive). You can have new clothing styles, good sales of food as well, same for the media and readers, plastic surgery also to get the "right curves". People would feel alright with emotional eating or eating things that are damaging to their body (not saying that this isnt already the case).

So a solution within a profit driven system is actually not really possible. 1 thing which they desire to improves, leads to abuse on other levels. Money is nr 1 and will always be in such a system. Females will want "normal people" in magazines to feel better about themselves, but it has to sell or they wont do it. It has to sell equally as good and profit has to be made from it.