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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Does health equal beauty ?

(ps: on this pic I was eating an omnivore diet, with lots of fat and junk in between and 3 kg heavier. Afterwards I became vegan, ate more "healthy", did it make me more attractive? Nope! )

I have heard and read these comments soo much:
"Healthy people look more beautiful"
"I want to look beautiful because it shows that I am healthy, it is natural"

First of all, what is considered to be beautiful is based on where you live and in which time you live. Right now it is attractive to be tanned, but back in the days you had to have white skin and women even bathed in milk to try and achieve the whitest skin possible.
In some tribes, lip disks and huge earlobes are considered to be attractive.
Some like curves, some like sticks.

There is much variety,and what 1 person finds attractive, another may find not.

Now let's look at these girls:

Ana Carolina Reston

Eliana Ramos

Many guys who may see this girls (in bikini or not) may find them hot, and many girls may want to be like them.
But are they healthy? No, they are dead. Both models died young from Anorexia, and were actually starving themselves, which resulted in their body eating itself to dead slowly but surely. And this goes for many people. I have seen very sick people who look very beautiful, and I have seen very healthy people who look not so beautiful. 

"As the parents of a teenage girl, my wife and I have had concerns over this issue ourselves. As a fitness trainer, the majority of my clientele comes to me with the goal of losing weight, whether it's healthy for them or not. As a man, I've been troubled with the realization that our society expects women to look like 13 year old boys with silicone implants."

I especially came to this topic after having a discussion with a raw foodist who shows of her body to attract people to the lifestyle,  in the hope of it changing the world. But the fact is, many of those people do it to look good and do not really care about the ethics of it all. It will not change the world because of our current system that simply deprives most of the population and brainwashes them over and over again. So for many it is not about "looking healthy" to others, it is about looking hot and attractive to others to get ones ego boosted. They may say they do it for their health, but the fact is that many of them wouldn't do it if it made them ugly but super super healthy (just hypothetically speaking). And without the necessary vain results, they will continue not to care unless they truly change their outlook on the world, and work towards a change on a real physical level - actually adressing the current system and how we can change it, with WHAT we will replace it, how we will take care of all the things that have to be taken care off, worldwide distribution of food and items etc...

"The trouble with always trying to preserve the health of the body is that it is so difficult to do without destroying the health of the mind."
~G.K. Chesterton
It becomes a total obsession and your life will revolve around thinking about the way you look. You'll end up worrying your entire life, and forget to enjoy it.

The lesson is to not judge a book by it's cover. A radiant looking beautiful girl may be backstabbing and unhealthy inside. A ugly looking girl may be the most carring and healthy individual on the planet. But if you only see what you want to see, you will probably not see at all. Because you place your believes above all else, and you will only see the things that fit your belief. You will see things that are not even there, like a fruitarian going back to cooked food, looking better but still you seem to see dark circles under the eyes and more imperfections than before. Even though the individual feels better and gets better results.

And who the fuck wants to spend their life imagining the good thoughts that others are having about you? I sure as hell don't. I was well on my way of becoming that way but I learned to stop myself from following whatever my culture pushes on me. And so can you.

We require a society that does research not sponsored by big coorporations who only think about their profit. Because else we will end up saying that eating sand is good for your liver or shit like that. You know... they will put patents on sand.
We require a world that care and where they do  not promote unhealthy shit to people, and have unhealthy eating places all over every city. We require honest research, and the best for all. If money was not the driving force, then this could be a reality. Using ways to attract people to a message for a better world is cool, but together with that you need to have a replacement for the current system.

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