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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How To Speak Na'vi

The chances are high that you have seen the movie "Avatar" and were quite amazed with this movie and the message it brings. I can say that I really enjoyed that movie and is probably the best I have ever seen.

However... (you knew this was comming didn't you?)

There is something we have to consider. When we watch such spectacular movies, we get this feeling over us when the movie is finished - you know this "special" feelings that makes you want to be part of a world as presented in the movie. Lot's of people who saw that movie say it is their ideal planet, that it is how they would like to live.
Just check this Facebook group called: "Earth sucks, I want to go live on Pandora"

Who's fault is it that "Earth sucks"? Our fault. The Earth itself did not pop up banks and corporations that demolish life for profit, it did not pop out religious institutions that keep people blind and obedient, it didn't pop out atomb bombs and corruption... We popped all that shit out of our minds. We have created it , using the resources from Earth. With all the directions we could take with it, we chose a very destructive way of living. We didn't decide to live in harmony and cooporate, we decided to follow our pre-programming and destroy and compete. We have even destroyed entire nations with atomb bombs, we go to war for the resources of other countries so we can make money and they... we'll, we apparantly dont care about "them". They are not our family anyway right? We are pretty safe here, in our houses which look like castles to a starving person, with our pc's and tv's we spy on the world and read all the gossip. We read about poverty and crime and think "oh that is so bad :'(" , while we click the "I sign this petition" button and get on with our lives of not giving a shit.
Because giving a shit shows in our actions and what we direct our lives towards, not in our words and feelings. You can say you care, but if you don't live up to your words it doesn't mean anything.

So most of us, would be part of the humans destroying Pandora. You may not like it, but you can easily be brainwashed to agree with the status quo keepers, so you would probably stand numb at the side. "Let those on top take care of it". Those on top are on top because they crave power, why trust them if you see how the elite of the world is controlled by profit. Why do you think that suddenly they will start to work for the common good while they never did? Are they more than you, better than you? No. They were once born as babies, with their diapers and their toys and they grew up within a society corrupted by profitdrive and various other factors related.
All of us are equally responsible for this world and ourselves. It is time we stop placing ourselves as inferior because it is very easy to do that, nice excuse to not having to do anything when you can say "I am not this enough or that enough". Skills can be trained, and speaking up does not require vast amounts of knowledge. It takes your will and common sense and self-honesty.

By reading what I just wrote, you now learned to speak Na'vi, which can be spoken in any language existing. Because it is the language of the common good of all, and the protection of our planet and all living beings on it.

Join the Equality movement ! Lets create a strong base foundation of caring beings that in time, will enter the political scene worldwide, and change things. Your not alone.

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